Here but not here – How to Deal with Ambiguous Loss

On Nov. 14, I listened in to a tele-workshop sponsored by California Caregiver Resource Centers called “Here But Not Here: Finding Hope When a Loved One Has Memory Loss.” The speaker, Pauline Boss, PhD. offered some insightful suggestions to the many caregivers on the call dealing with loved ones suffering from some sort of memory-loss […]

Using Creativity to Help You De-stress

Family caregivers are notorious for not having time for themselves. Add to that the stress of the holidays and caregiving, that time for yourself decreases dramatically. Yet, the top advice given to most family caregivers is to take some time to take care of yourself! How do you balance out all of the demands placed […]

How to Find Support as a Family Caregiver

Now that caring for an aging loved one is becoming nearly as universal as raising a child, it’s easier to get help, advice,070-410 pdf and support from both professionals and peers. The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Here are some places to look for support: Ask friends and family members […]