What’s up with Grandma? – Dementia, Dehydration or Drugs: From the Desk of CEO Kevin Sypniewski

Recently, Elizabeth Cohen of CNN wrote an article about is “Grandma drugged up?”

While the title was alarming, the reality was even more disturbing. I sent this article to our team at AGIS. The response was shocking. I immediately heard back from three employees that have had this experience in their own family. I got to thinking, if three people in our group have had this challenge, then what is the population as a whole experiencing?

What’s frightening is so many of us don’t ask enough questions and many drug interactions go unidentified. Simple things get misdiagnosed…dehydration can sometimes look like dementia. In the short time doctors spend with us, they can’t be expected to know what we know about our loved one’s situation. Research, talk and ask questions. Our loved ones’ lives might be at stake.

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