36 million 63As many as 40,000 Ontarians live with Parkinson’s.

36 million 63As many as 40,000 Ontarians live with Parkinson’s. This expansion initiative aims to alleviate social isolation and create connections for more than 1,200 people. Even in mid size communities, ranging from 20,000 to 100,000, access to Parkinson’s programs and services may be difficult. ‘Facebook picture depicting Jeremy Corbyn as Osama Bin Laden’ could get detective sackedAvon and Somerset police warned officers to “refrain from behaviour that could be seen to support or denigrate any political party” ahead of the general election19:47, 3 OCT 2017Updated21:45, 3 OCT 2017The officer allegedly shared a post of Jeremy Corbyn depicted as Osama Bin Laden A detective constable with Avon and Somerset police faces the sack after allegedly sharing controversial Facebook posts from Britain First.The posts include one which refers to a controversial Islamic spokesman as a cheap jerseys monkey and another that shows a picture of Jeremy Corbyn depicted as Osama Bin Laden.Avon and Somerset Constabulary have not named the officer publicly, but he is accused of posting the messages despite a warning to “refrain from behaviour that could be seen to support or denigrate any political party” ahead of the general election.Named only as DC T in paperwork, he is alleged to have shared a Britain First post which depicted the Leader of the Labour Party as the founder of the group al Qaeda, who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks which killed 3,000 people.According to the alleged facts, he also shared a post from Boris Johnson showing a picture of former IRA commander, Martin McGuinness, who became Sinn F negotiator in the peace process, cheap football jerseys alongside Mr Corbyn.Alleged Facebook posts could see police detective sackedIt is alleged the picture was next to the caption: “I genuinely think it is important that people know this and a picture says it all. Jeremy Corbyn’s lies have been exposed by his own shadow home secretary.”The officer is also alleged to have shared a post that “denigrated some followers of Islam” and referred to the controversial Islamic figure Anjem Choudhury as a money.On the same day, May 27, this year, it is claimed he shared a post by the group Shrewsbury against Islamification of Britain, which stated “a family of Syrian refugees has been handed a six bedroom house in Sevenoaks.What a smack in the face to the British taxpayer who could never afford that. Share if you think this is an absolute disgrace.”LIVE: All lanes closed on M5 following crashThen just days before the June 8 election, he is said to have shared the post of a group called I am proud to be English depicting Mr Corbyn again with the caption: “Corbyn sent out a world message celebrating Ramadan but refused Cheap Jerseys to sing the national anthem of his country that is all you need to know.”The police’s professional standards department alleged the detective breached orders and instructions by sharing the post, despite the advice about refraining from behaviour in the run up to the general election.They also claim he breached equality and diversity guidelines by sharing posts which were discriminatory or he acted in a way cheap football jerseys which was cheap nhl jerseys not impartial.Professional Standards will argue that his behaviour “discredits and undermines public confidence”.The paperwork has been released ahead of the detective’s misconduct hearing on Tuesday, October 10, although the officer’s name has been kept secret, although it is not clear why.Online it merely states: “The Independent Legally Qualified Chair has directed that no identifying details of the officer subject are to be published.Teenager in critical condition after being hit by train near Sydney Gardens”The hearing is to be held in public; but no details identifying the officer shall be referred to during the hearing and/or be published as part of any reporting of the proceedings.”.