Electronic Tags for Dementia Patients

The UK Alzheimer’s Society recently announced, “Electronic tagging has the potential to offer benefits to people with dementia and their carers.” Citing practical and ethical issues yet to be fully addressed, the Society suggested further research and urged striking a balance between the benefits of tracking a patient prone to wandering and the potential civil […]

Successful Meals With Alzheimer’s

Those of us who’ve provided care for a person with Alzheimer’s disease know about the challenges of maintaining proper nutrition — let alone getting through a traditional sit-down meal. In response, many give up on getting together around the table, opting for simple hand-held snacks or takeout. Air Jordan 10 Femme But with some planning, […]

How to Communicate with a Loved One Who Has Alzheimer’s or Dementia

A few simple tips can help you begin to communicate better with a loved one suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Parajumpers Masterpiece Right Hand Solid communication skills can make your caregiving role less stressful and may help you build a stronger relationship with your loved one. In the early stages, your loved one can keys […]