What’s up with Grandma? – Dementia, Dehydration or Drugs: From the Desk of CEO Kevin Sypniewski

Recently, Elizabeth Cohen of CNN wrote an article about is “Grandma drugged up?” While the title was alarming, the reality was even more disturbing. I sent this article to our team at AGIS. The response was shocking. I immediately heard back from three employees that have had this experience in their own family. I got […]

Suzanne Mintz Discusses Family Caregiving on NPR’s Fresh Air

This week Suzanne Geffen Mintz, president and co-founder of the National Family Caregivers Association, sat down with NPR’s Terry Gross to discuss issues that complicate family caregiving and helpful resources for family caregivers. The conversation begins as they explore the confusion most family caregivers struggle with when their loved one is discharged from the hospital. […]

Patients Need to be On Guard to Prevent Medical Errors

Most people feel safe when they go to the hospital or are with their doctor, but medical error, improper dosing and incorrect prescriptions are a growing concern. The fact of the matter is that these problems have existed for years and by no means are they on the rise. However, with the country’s growing population […]