Electronic Tags for Dementia Patients

The UK Alzheimer’s Society recently announced, “Electronic tagging has the potential to offer benefits to people with dementia and their carers.” Citing practical and ethical issues yet to be fully addressed, the Society suggested further research and urged striking a balance between the benefits of tracking a patient prone to wandering and the potential civil […]

The Human and Financial Toll for Working Caregivers: From the Desk of CEO Kevin Sypniewski

In our workplaces all around us, though sometimes unseen, caregivers are faced with the task of trying to balance work and children while caring for an adult friend or family member. Soldes Parajumpers We know there are only so many hours in a day to squeeze in work and all of life’s other responsibilities. The […]

Oprah Puts Spotlight on Granny Cams

We’ve all read stories about elder abuse and neglect. Even if you pay good money, incidents still happen. Recently, an episode on Oprah spotlighted this growing and very alarming social problem. The segment featured Jaki, a dutiful daughter who thought she had her bed-ridden father’s best interests at heart when she hired a caretaker named […]