Suzanne Mintz Discusses Family Caregiving on NPR’s Fresh Air

This week Suzanne Geffen Mintz, president and co-founder of the National Family Caregivers Association, sat down with NPR’s Terry Gross to discuss issues that complicate family caregiving and helpful resources for family caregivers. nike air jordan 8 homme Markus Kuhn The conversation begins as they explore the confusion most family caregivers struggle with when their […]

Beware of Former Prisoners Caring for Your Parents

Background checks for non-professional caregivers can leave out many crucial details of an individual’s past. Soldes Parajumpers A recent article from the Napa Valley Register tells of prison guards advising soon-to-be released convicts that caregiving can be an easy employment opportunity for paroled felons. Even though these individuals may be genuinely honest and hardworking, ongoing […]

Budget Shortfalls Could Undermine Care

Economic forecasts are causing many to pinch pennies and tighten belts. Federal funding, state programs and non-profit organizations have all had to reign in spending and cut expenses, and elder care assistance resources are dwindling. Even after deciding what tasks to assign to a home caregiver or which local resources to utilize to find one, […]