Budget Shortfalls Could Undermine Care

Economic forecasts are causing many to pinch pennies and tighten belts. Federal funding, state programs and non-profit organizations have all had to reign in spending and cut expenses, and elder care assistance resources are dwindling. Even after deciding what tasks to assign to a home caregiver or which local resources to utilize to find one, […]

New English Homes to Cater to Aging Population

Ministers in England are supporting new measures that would enable an aging population to stay in their homes longer. These new standards include 16 features which will allow for aging in place. In addition to designing features such as ground-floor toilets, wide stairways that could be adapted to take a stair-lift, room for wheelchairs to […]

AARP Independent Living Survey

A recent AARP study shows that Baby Boomer women are talking to their aging parents about end of life issues. Few, however, are putting this information to use. The study, “Are Americans Talking with Their Parents about Independent Living: A 2007 Study Among Boomer Women,” discovered approximately two-thirds of women older than 45 have discussed […]