Top Ten Signs You Are a Sandwich Caregiver

The Sandwich Generation – no, it’s not a sudden fad for meat between two slices of bread, but a demographic explosion. The term was coined to describe those 16 million Americans who not only take care of their children, but elderly parents too. They are “sandwiched” between two generations, and as you can imagine, just […]

Share Your Caregiving Story with WGBH

Many of you already share your advice, recommendations, and stories about caring for your loved ones in the AGIS Forums. WGBH in Boston wants your caregiving stories, too. In conjunction with the April broadcast of “Caring for Your Parents,” an upcoming film by “Frontline” producer and award-winning filmmaker Michael Kirk, the public television station wants […]

How to Bounce Back After Grief or Loss

Life, like a glittering diamond, has many facets. Grief reflects just another facet of the human experience. When people talk about their experiences, there seems to be an infinite number of ways it can be felt. No two people are alike; even close family members often grieve differently. So when ever any one offers you […]