Budget Shortfalls Could Undermine Care

Economic forecasts are causing many to pinch pennies and tighten belts. Federal funding, state programs and non-profit organizations have all had to reign in spending and cut expenses, and elder care assistance resources are dwindling. Even after deciding what tasks to assign to a home caregiver or which local resources to utilize to find one, […]

What is Medicare? What does Medicare Cover?

Medicare is federal health insurance for people who are age 65 or older, as well as younger people with certain disabilities and illnesses. Understanding Medicare basics isn’t as difficult as it first appears, but the program does have several different elements that require explanation. If you need help check out AGIS’ checklist on selecting a […]

Who to Call to Get Real Help On Medicare

So you’re looking for help with Medicare, but getting lost in the government red tape? Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin. That’s where Quality Improvement Organizations come in. Under the direction of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program consists of a national network of 53 localized […]