Electronic Tags for Dementia Patients

The UK Alzheimer’s Society recently announced, “Electronic tagging has the potential to offer benefits to people with dementia and their carers.” Citing practical and ethical issues yet to be fully addressed, the Society suggested further research and urged striking a balance between the benefits of tracking a patient prone to wandering and the potential civil […]

Super Tuesday: Health Care and Long-Term Care Still Decision Markers?

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and voters are faced with an arsenal of issues to mull over before the big day. New Balance 990 homme But which issue will be instrumental in their decision? While the weakening economy has taken center-stage, health and long-term care still remain major topics of concern among Americans, with close to […]

AGIS Expert Doctor Marion hits the campaign trail to shake things up and speaks with Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and Others

By AGIS Doctor Marion, Air Jordan Spike AGIS geriatric expert and eldercare advocate, has been hitting the campaign trail to speak directly with top presidential candidates and bring the issues of the impending geriatric tsunami that’s going to hit America. With at least 1/3 of the population over 55 in this next decade, Burberry Jeans […]