Successful Meals with Alzheimer’s Patients

Those of us who’ve provided care for a person with Alzheimer’s disease [] know about the challenges of maintaining proper nutrition — let alone getting through a traditional sit-down meal. In response, many give up on getting together around the table, opting for simple handheld snacks or takeout. But with some planning, tableside meals can […]

Medicare Drug Program: Changes Ahead (Please Finish)

It is possible that about 2 million Medicare participants could be switched over to a different insurance plan for their prescription drugs next year. Some may have to even shop around to avoid the double-digit premium increases coming. Starting from November 15, open enrollment periods may see some increased action through the last day of […]

Devendra Banhart seemed an out of time

As a result, a spate of laws and bureaucracies were created to offset this jerseys The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 outlawed monopolies. The Food and Drug Administration was created in 1904 and vested with litigation of companies that broke new purity laws. Devendra Banhart seemed an out of time, unworldly hippie when he […]