CareStation Contributors

Julie Deaton ~ Senior Editor
Julie wanted to work for a company that could really make a difference in the lives of others, so she joined AGIS Network. She is proud of the work the AGIS team has done creating a website that provides so many valuable resources to family caregivers. Julie’s personal experience in caregiving has made her a firm believer in using the AGIS site to plan for the future. All posts by this contributor.

Beth Seidelhuber ~ Editor
Beth came to AGIS Network after over a decade of online and system experience in the healthcare and insurance industries. No stranger to home care, she dealt with some of the issues of caregiving first with her mom who suffered with ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease) for many years and then her grandmother in her final years. Beth is inspired by the devotion and dedication family caregivers demonstrate everyday in providing compassion and care to their loved ones under frequently stressful situations. All posts by this contributor.
Stephen Fox ~ Writer
Stephen has been writing and editing for numerous media formats for more than a decade. He has worked for large corporations and small non-profit organizations, created messaging for international audiences, and produced award-winning radio documentaries and commentaries. In his youth, Stephen was privileged to spend time with three of his great-grandparents,  and regularly travels home to Florida to visit his energetic grandmothers in Tampa. All posts by this contributor.

David Hayward ~ Writer
David writes and edits for AGIS and other prominent websites. His prizewinning writing has also appeared in Harper’s and other magazines. During his 15 years of professional writing experience he’s developed specialties in eldercare, technology, careers, and education. All posts by this contributor.

Emme Levine ~ Writer
Emme Levine is a writer and editor based in San Francisco. Her many published articles cover such topics as nutrition, green architecture, interior design, mental and physical fitness, stress reduction and family issues – to name a few. Emme knows firsthand about long distance caregiving and is a proud member of the  “sandwich” generation. She presently lives in San Francisco with her two sons and architect husband, Andy Levine. All posts by this contributor.

Kevin Sypniewski ~Writer
Before founding AGIS (formerly AssistGuide), Kevin was the Hawaii manager for Unum Life Insurance Company, the worldwide leader in disability and special risk products. He serves as a board member for the Hawaii Long Term Care Association, Catholic Charities, and the Olmstead Committee for the State of Hawaii. Kevin’s family experience with disability and long term care informs all of his professional and community service. All posts by this contributor.

Janice Wallace ~ Writer
Janice has cared for her mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease for over 14 years. Her family’s experience inspired her to become a consultant, coach and author helping families cope with elder care challenges. She loves sharing her experiences and answering questions for family caregivers on the AGIS forums. All posts by this contributor.